SW Consulting Services

Since 1997, the SW Consulting Services has collaborated with our customers, by finding and implementing solutions to business and technology.

18 years of experience, where the human factor is the most important. A team of consultants with experience in process improvement and technology, creating solutions to improve the business of our customers.

The secret is the combination of experience and methodology, permiting SW develops solutions quickly, eliminating the gap between the business and technology.


SW Solutions

 IT Solutions

 Business Solutions
IT Solutions
Business Solutions

For companies in general, we review the processes, build and implement the best solutions, while respecting the investiment already done.

With experience in solutions in Financial and Human Resources areas for companies in the Banking, Retail, Transport, Oil, Energy and Utilities sectors, we have resources available for implementation of ERP, BI, and system developments.

Main services:

For IT and Engineering companies wishing to start, increase or maintain its presence in Latin America and Europe, we offer complete or partial outsourcing of technical and commercial team.

Globalize your business and services, with a controlled risk and a fixed cost.

We are responsible for creation, office management and commercial and technical teams.





Sales Contact:

e-mail:  admin@swcscorp.com

SW Cases

Cases: Business Solutions (+)

Sales in Latin America
Representation and sales in Europe
Web marketing

Cases: HR Solutions (+) 
Processes + ERP + BI (Oil)
Organization Chart
Manpower Budget
Cases: IT Solutions
Administrative-Financial (+)

Processes + ERP + BI + (Retail)
Processes + ERP + BI + (Airport)
Processes + ERP + BI + (Banks)
DW + BI (Tobacco)

Airport Infrastructure (+)

Passengers Management
Aircrafts Management
Commercial Management
Contract Management

Public Sector (+)
Intranet Portal
Internet Portal/Website

Energy/Utilities (+)
Risk Analysis
Contract Management
Business Intelligence

Technology (+)   
Platform for Portals Internet/Extranet
Technical Support in Latin America
Service Desk